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In this blogg I aim to give a background on Revenue Management and Distribution. It discusses both organizational issues as well as lectures regarding Revenue Management and Distribution. Many of the blogs can be used as preparation to the Courses and Workshops in Revenue Management and Distribution that Taktikon organizes.

The Rise of the Metasearch

DistributionPosted by Annemarie Gubanski Jun 16, 2014 10:00:53

The Rise of the Metasearch
Metasearch Sites are the fastest growing distribution channels of todays travel industry. A study by PhoCusWright from december 2013 shows that 36% of the holiday planners now are using metasearch sites to book their holiday. During the HSMAI event in London february 2014, there was talk that Metasearch sites twere behind 20% of all web reservations in London and Berlin. There is no doubt that Metasearch will continue to grow.

Metasearches can help to cut our commissions that otherwise would be paid to the distribution channels and lead guests straight to the hotel website. This can mean that the hospitality industry that is struggeling with increased commission fees, can take advantage and drive traffic to their website. The question is; Are you ready?

What is Metasearch?
Metasearch sites are so called “hybrid” websites that compare rates and availability from different sources, making them very popular with consumers. Sites shown on the Metasearches are mainly OTA’s, some of which get their availability and rates through the Wholesalers. Examples of Metasearch Sites are Google Hotel Finder, Trivago, TripAdvisor and Kayak.

Many of the large online travel companies are currently investing heavily in advertising on Metasearch to increase production and revenue. Recent events are TripAdvisor launching a hotel metasearch, Expedia becoming majority stakeholder to the German Metasearch leader Trivago and Priceline acquiring Kayak Software, which accounts for 90% for domestic airlines' Metasearch traffic.

Can you take advantage of Metasearch?
You can make sure that your Brand Website appears on the Metasearch Sites and this way get the opportunity to gain market share from the OTA’s. In order for your website to appear on these sites, you will need to fix connection and advertisement. The several Metasearch Sites work in different ways but most Meatsearch works on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. Furthermore, the Metasearches promote the lowest selling rate, which means that you will need to keep a very close eye on which rates you sell at your site in comparison to the OTA’s.

Make Metasearch part of your Marketing Strategy
Metasearch development means that there is a huge potential for the hospitality industry to increase direct bookings to the Hotel Websites directly. Make Metasearch part of your Marketing and E-Commerce Strategy and increase your chance to decrease commission fees!

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