Taktikons Blog about Revenue Management

Taktikons Blog about Revenue Management

Revenue Management

In this blogg I aim to give a background on Revenue Management and Distribution. It discusses both organizational issues as well as lectures regarding Revenue Management and Distribution. Many of the blogs can be used as preparation to the Courses and Workshops in Revenue Management and Distribution that Taktikon organizes.

Revenue Management Outsourcing should be more than just Outsourcing!

OrganizationPosted by Annemarie Gubanski Jun 23, 2015 11:35:12

A Revenue Management Outsourcing program can mean so much more than just outsourcing, it should always give you a long term solution.

A proper outsourcing program should not only mean that you hire an expert in Revenue- and Distribution Management, you also hire a mentor; someone to interact and be creative with. An external Revenue Manager might also give you a different view to your usual routines and commercial actions. Your situation will be seen with fresh and objective eyes that might bring new opportunities.

Another important benefit of a well working Revenue Management outsourcing program is that it gives you a chance to understand how you can increase your profit margin and be able to take over the Revenue- and Distribution Management function in the future.

As each property is unique, Outsourcing programs mostly are individually adapted to the individual goals and needs of the customer. The services Taktikon offers are various starting from Light (around 10-15 hours per month) to Full Revenue Outsourcing (around 20-25 hours per week) with a duration of a few months to a few years. Whatever the level or duration, we always aim to increase the level of knowledge so that our clients are able to stand on their own Revenue Feet in the future.

When a Revenue Outsourcing Program is tailor made, it is ideal for a broad kind of properties; individual hotels as well as mid sized chains, for organisations that would like to start with Revenue Management and Distribution/E-Commerce as well as hotels or resorts that do have a Revenue- and Distribution team in place but would like to have a mentor or are without a Revenue Manager for a period of time.

In our opinion, programs should start with a full Revenue Audit, which forms the basis of outsourcing services. An audit is aimed to find the revenue opportunities within each company and should result in a report with clear action points so that properties can start working together with their Revenue Expert. In the Audit that Taktikon performs, we focus to achieve the optimal Marketing Mix, Distribution Strategies, Rate Structure and Revenue Organisation. Our Outsourcing Program is aimed to help hoteliers implement our findings and achieve an improved profit margin.

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